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Six Months

Six Months.

183 Days.

I could also count the minutes and seconds, but let’s just say it’s A LOT.  But not a lot relative to the days, months and years we will live without Joe. 

Right now, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

This concept of time has really been hitting me differently lately.  How periods of our lives can come and go and seem so very long in the midst of it, but when you look back – it feels like a blip on the radar of time.

I remember someone telling me when Alli was born, the days are long, but the years will go fast.

This grief journey very much feels the same way.

Our days of grief are long, but it also feels like I have blinked and it’s been 6 months.

I really believe Joe would be so proud of us.  How we are walking through grief and honoring his memory at the same time.  There isn’t a moment that we haven’t thought about Joe, and how he would have handled a situation, what he would have said, what kind of joke he would have made and more. 

Every Moment Matters.

This concept of all the moments adding up over time keeps replaying in my mind.

The idea that all of our moments, each and every second of our lives, are moments that God can use. 

A moment.

Just a blip on the radar.

But oh how powerful it can be.  

Friends, this is why I have decided to start a podcast – titled: Every Moment Matters.

I am still working behind the scenes to get it ready, but it’s coming.

There are so many people who have gone through trials and discovered where God was working behind the scenes for their benefit. 

I want to share these stories. 

I want to share the hope that they have found.

I want to share just how awesome Jesus is in our lives, in our trials.

I want to share the triumph found in the small moments.

I want to encourage those who are also in a struggle. 

I want you to know that every single moment of your life matters. 

I can’t wait to share more with you – and I know that this is another moment that Joe would be proud of.  He loved telling stories, and listening to them. He was the ultimate story teller.   

Until next time … Laura