My 75 Board | Goals & Commitment

Confession time here!  I DID NOT come up with this concept!  BUT, I have seen it go around my friend circle and have watched my friends have some pretty amazing wins in their personal and professional lives.  I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions, however, I thought this was appropriate for a New Year and it was a project my kids could get involved with.

The idea: Take 75 goals that you want to achieve over the next period (we chose a year), and write them down on a vision board.  Some of our goals are silly and small and very achievable, and then we have others that are large and take a few steps of faith. Having them visible, drives a stronger commitment to actually reach and achieve them! 

I was amazed at some of the goals that my kids wrote down!  They spent a lot of time on them and came up with great goals for the year.  I’ll share as we reach them.

In business, I was always taught that nothing becomes dynamic, before it becomes specific.  To me specific became our 75 board.  This is our commitment to each other that we will help one another to reach our goals.

Commitment can take many different forms, as it is an individual decision of what you are committed to, and I wanted to share what it means to us as a family.  It is a pledge, a promise and an obligation.

Courage.  Defined as the quality of mind or spirit that makes a person to face difficulty, danger or pain with fear.  It takes courage to make a commitment.  When you make that commitment, what is the quality of your mind or spirit that enables you to make that decision to face your opposition without fear?  That quality is one of a determined mind, one that is ready for change and will stop at nothing to achieve that change.

Opposition.  This is your resistance.  How many times have you decided to lose weight, and you have had resistance from outside forces?  For me, it has been several.  I have gotten everything from that is an unachievable goal to people bringing me my ‘favorite foods’ and sometimes without their knowledge, sabotaging my goals.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I let them sabotage my goal because I did not have the true commitment to my goal.  Just know, you will ALWAYS have opposition to any goal you set, it’s just how you handle the opposition that shows your true commitment.

Magnitude.  How BIG is your goal that you are committed to…or, how committed to your goal are you?  The bigger the goal, the bigger the commitment.  Think about it…

Must.  You must have an attitude that you are bound by your commitment to yourself to reach this goal.  You must do it.  You must stay on course.  You must reach your goal!

Immovability.  Do not be moved.  Know that you will achieve that goal.  Nothing can stop you from achieving it.  Believe it.

Moxie.  Ha, your spirit.  I love moxie.  Moxie allows us to face adversity with courage, aggressive energy and initiative.  Wow, what an idea we have here.  Can you add a little moxie to your goals?  I can guarantee, with added moxie you will see stellar results.

Endurance.  Be in it for the long haul.  Know that any good solid goal worth reaching is going to be tough.  You are going to want to quit.  Don’t do it.  Stay the course.  Run the race, and enjoy the journey.

Need.  Why do you need to achieve this goal?  You need is directly relational to the size of your commitment or goal.

Tenacity.  This, my friends, is your persistent determination.  This needs no further explanation.  Commitment to a goal takes tenacity, a persistent determination, a divine need, a moxie, a posture of immovability, a must attitude, the ability to see the magnitude, a fight against opposition and the courage to see it through.

How big are you goals this year?  Are you willing to put them on paper and go for it?  What does your commitment look like?

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