I wish I could say that this is something you figure out, and then BOOM the struggle is over, but it is just not true.  It’s a daily, and sometimes minute by minute struggle.  But it is a struggle you CAN overcome.

I started my fitness journey to look better.  Let’s face it, we all want to feel comfortable in our own skin – and that usually starts with the reflection of what we see in the mirror.

I am a Professional Bookkeeper and Business Manager, but please do not confuse me as a bean counter!  I am way too full of energy and personality for that.  However, I do tend to be very black and white, with little ‘gray matter’.  In my world, things have a place, and everything fits.

Almost a year ago, during our corona-cation, I ran across a activewear brand that I fell in love with.  I will share all about that here too, the company has changed my life.  It’s true, life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be!

I love all things fitness and started my exercise journey on a spin bike.  I was challenged by my trainer to try it, and although I was not immediately successful, that is what kept bringing me back to the bike.  I loved being able to go hard core and find new levels of fitness.  However, all of that spinning quickly started to take a toll on my body.  Enter YOGA.

I started taking yoga classes specifically for the hip stretches.  My hip flexors were so tight from the biking that I needed to reverse some of the negative effects all of the cycling I was doing.

I quickly found that yoga helped bring a much-needed sense of calm, to my otherwise crazy life.  Through yoga, I have learned to breathe and indulge in the simplicity of connection between the mind and body.

In late 2012, a good friend and yoga instructor encouraged me to go through training to teach yoga.  With a very timid confidence, I went through my first training – and my life was forever changed.

You see, I don’t look like your typical yoga instructor.  I’m not incredibly bendy and I often struggle with getting into even the simplest of poses.  But I love every second of it.

In 2018 I decided to deepen my yoga practice and registered for a 200-hour certification, to which I completed in the spring of 2019.  I immediately turned around and committed to earning my 500-hour yoga certification with the amazing Brett Larkin and Uplifted Yoga community.

I am a U.S. based yoga and fitness instructor with strong roots in the Gwinnett County, GA area.

Drawing upon my own self-practice and self-discovery, my classes aim to integrate alignment principles with fluid movement and positive energy to create a sacred space for students that is challenging and supportive.  I guide students back to their happiest and healthiest selves, all while helping them realize how great their body is designed to feel and busting through the chains of perfectionism.  Progress OVER perfection, every single time!