Goal Setting | 90 by 3s


'It's going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.'

In my study of goal setting over the years, the plan that more often than not worked for me is the 90 day plan, that’s broken into 3s.  Let me explain…

You take a goal, and write it out for 90 days.  Then you find 3 actionable steps that you feel will get you closer to that end goal, and you repeat those 3 action steps every single day of the 90 days.

Breaking out the 90 day goal into threes will effect my behavior TODAY, and makes me want to start now.  Why?  I don’t know, probably because it’s something small that I can focus on each and every day, which makes the end goal much less overwhelming.

Did you know?  The vast majority of people who make goals fail to give themselves a deadline?  They also fail to write them down.  I mean, why set goals if you aren’t going to try and reach them, right?!  But, it is my understanding that high-performing people take goals into three parts; 1) they write specific goals, with outcomes; 2) they set a deadline for their goals; and 3) they write them down.

We must be on to something here, power of 3.  According to the website psychotactics, they say that the brain finds it relatively easy to grasp threes – but if you push that up to four, the brain gets overwhelmed and confused about where to look and what to do. Interesting stuff here!

So…what’s my goal?  In 90 days, where do I want to be?  What can I accomplish in 90 days?  What can I accomplish over the next 90 days that will make me feel good about myself?

That last sentence.  Really.  Why is that important?

Well, to me it’s important because if you set a goal that will make you feel good about yourself, then you work harder to achieve it.

Now begs the question, what’s my three daily goals.  I think to take me a little further to my 4-0 goal, it needs to be diet and movement related.  Here we go:

  • Move a minimum of 60 minutes at least 5 days a week (NOT including the classes I teach)
  • Keep an eye on each meal to make sure it is one that will take me closer to my goal
  • Have grace with myself when I am not perfect

I think #3 is the most important here.  It seems any time I have ever tried to make a health change it’s all or nothing.  That OBVIOUSLY is not working, so we will try it a new way!

I’m curious, if you set a 90 day goal, what would your 3s be?

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