Becoming Laura

I wrote this back in 2017, right before a couple of HUGE life events hit.  Not an excuse, but reality hit hard.

Today, I'll recommit to this goal.  173 days.

I’ve known this day was coming, that big birthday that all of your friends talk about.  They have either hit it and are working on the next big day, or are counting down to it.  Today, this morning, it hit me.  I’m going to be 40 in less than a year.  The BIG 40.  I am one-hundred percent of the persuasion that age is truly a number and that your age is more of how you feel, mentally and physically.  In my time around people of all ages it is amazing to see how many act their ‘age’ and how many who do not!

Let’s face it, the years have been good to me.  I have a wonderful husband, and four amazing children.  Life has had some twists and turns (whose doesn’t?), but I would not want to trade a thing.  Each life experience has taught me a lesson, and if it were not for each one of those lessons, I would not be the person I am today.

But if I am being completely honest here, my physical body is one that has been a struggle for me over the years.  I have been on every imaginable diet, and my weight has gone up and down.  The more I learn how to listen to my body, the less that number on the scale effects me mentally.  There are days where I feel amazing, but the scale shows otherwise – and vice versa.

So why am I writing TODAY?  What has taken me out of my writing rut, so to speak, to take the thoughts out of my head and onto some paper.  I suppose it is simply that I need to be accountable to myself.

The big 4-0, 275 days from TODAY.  What can I do in 275 days to change my life so that my physical body reflects how I feel about myself mentally.  275 days.  275 days.  275 days.

I can do this.  I will do this.  I will write about it and hold myself accountable.  275 days to work towards progress, and give up trying to be perfect.  Progress.  Not perfection.  Who’s with me?

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