About Laura

Hi there! I’m Laura, and I am so excited that you’ve stopped by! Living Fit, Loving Life was conceived in 2012 as an effort to share my own journey into a fitter life, and possibly help one other person in the process. When I say ‘fitter’, I mean physically, mentally and financially fitter.  Since then, I have decided to work with my name as my brand and not hide behind another name.

It’s through a love of fitness and hard work that all being fit financially, mentally and physically have come together. I am super competitive by nature, and love pushing myself to reach new limits in all aspects of life. Do I get tired? Sure. Everyone does. But it’s in those moments of exhaustion, when you push just a bit further, that you find something new. I like to find the ‘new’.

I know that with all of the different fitness blogs out there, that this community can be mean, and very judgmental.  Here’s what I want, NONE of that!  I want a community that inspires, encourages and uplifts those in the journey.  Share your progress, your struggles, whatever moves you.  My promise to you is that I will NEVER judge or shame, and always do my best to inspire, encourage and uplift.  I follow the motto of my good friend Reti-Fit of progress over perfection.  Even if you make .0001% more positive progress than the day before, you are headed in the right direction.

If you hang out here long enough, you will find that living fit is more than the way your body looks, or the number on the scale.  I believe that living fit means a full fit-life, happy in mind AND body.  There’s no right or wrong here, but what makes me happy and love MY life is what you’ll see most.

I am so happy that I get to welcome new friends to the blog every day! While you are here, you will find posts about my life: my husband, my children, fitness, nutrition, goals, commitment, targeted nutrition, sunsets (…and sunrises), coffee, wine, finances…you name it! I’m a jack of all trades, master of none kind of girl and that’s what makes me unique! Feel free to drop in a random happy thought every once in a while. I usually stop by and post a couple of times a week, or whenever something strikes me as important to share.

Allow me to further introduce the randomness that is me.

I am a former accounting manager, but please do not confuse me as a bean counter! I am way too full of energy and personality for that! However, I do tend to be very black and white, with little ‘gray matter’. In my world, things have a place and everything fits. (just wish my clothes did all the time!)

I love all things fitness, but spinning and yoga is my passion! Those two things could not be farther apart from each other. Spinning allows me to go hard core on my workout and I can always find something new within the workout, even though I’ve ridden almost every day since 2007. Yoga brings a sense of calm, to my otherwise crazy, but amazing life. Through yoga I have learned to breathe and indulge in the simplicity of the connection between the mind and body. …BUT…my favorite part of fitness is helping the new find a way to get through. I love seeing a new person walk through the gym doors, find initial success, and not look back.

My husband tells me that I remind him of Drew Barrymore. He says I favor her physically, and I often have very similar facial expressions.

I’m a terrible dancer and can be a bit of a dork at times!

I have rarely met a food I didn’t like. Give me a choice of food, and I will surprise you every time! I love sushi. I love pizza. Mexican. Thai. Indian. Chinese. Greek. You name it, I LOVE IT!

There is not much better in this world than a hot cup of coffee, or a good glass of wine. Small pleasures.

I am a piano player, a good one. It was my major in college! I love music. It feeds my soul and speaks when words cannot be spoken.

I met my husband Joe when I was 15 and knew from the very first moment I laid eyes on him that he was my soulmate. We spoke about marriage on our first date, and got married shortly before my 21st birthday. He is my best friend. He works unbelievably hard for our family. We took a leap of faith about five years ago he started his own business. What we thought would be a small family run business, grew incredibly quickly and provided a lot for several families.  Then we lost two major contracts and the company too.  Hey, it’s life.  You can choose to sit and pout, or make the best of it.  We opened another company and it is starting to grow now.  In addition, we own two fitness studios.  It makes our hearts happy to be able to give someone else a good place to work, and an income that will provide for others.

My family.  They are the reason for everything I do.  There’s six of us; me, my husband Joe and four kids.



This is me and Joe when I was in high school. How cute are we?

Joe and I met when I was in high school.  It was love at first sight for both of us.  We met at church, and then were set up by my mom.  We went to Waffle House and saw Legends of the Fall on our first date, where we talked about kids and what we wanted out of life.  Our ideas were so similar that we were planning our wedding by the second date.  I had to finish high school first, of course, but we were married the year after I graduated.  The kids came shortly after…we had always discussed a ‘big family’, but had never put a description on what that meant.  Four kids later, and our family is complete.

Two of our daughters have cerebral palsy…but that does NOT define them! From a very young age, they have taught us what it means to be confident and not let what others think about you determine how you live your life. They both are a little bit different than her peers, but that has not stopped them. The older one is in college to be a Civil Engineer and our youngest is still trying to determine what she wants to do when she finishes school – but I have no doubt it will be something that helps others feel good about themselves.

Our middle-child, is the exact opposite of her sisters. She loves sports, any sport, but specifically softball. She decided from a very young age that she wanted to pitch in college and she has worked every day towards that goal. Just under a year ago she committed to play softball for a Divison 1 athletic program. We have completely loved watching her work towards such a big goal with as much tenacity as she has. If you talk to her, you will quickly see she is not the typical middle child, and quite often is mistaken for the oldest.

Our youngest two, are twins.  Our daughter brings a very artistic completion to our family of 6. She marches to the beat of her own drum, she takes her time, she stops to smell the roses…she enjoys life.  Our son, ‘The Lone Cowboy’ since he lives in a house full of women. Bless his heart. He is ALL BOY, ALL THE TIME. He is full of energy and has (what his older sister  says) a head full of smarticles. Smarticles = Brain particles that make you smart! The boy is brilliant! He has amazing stories and a very active imagination.

This is all of us!  We had the most amazing time at the beach taking these photos.

Our beach trip was for softball, but I had been asking for beach photos for a few years and Joe finally indulged me.  I am so happy with the way they turned out.  If you’re ever in the Panama City Beach area, give my friend Daree a call and she will hook you up with your own amazing memories!  http://www.sunfunphoto.com

Seriously.  How gorgeous is this shot?

Special needs is a word that floats around our house, but it does not define us.  Two of our girls were born with cerebral palsy.  CP is considered damage to the brain in utero, during delivery or shortly after delivery.  We are uncertain of the events that caused the CP, and it does not matter.  It is something that we deal with and we manage the needs with ease.  We are blessed that the girls have mild cases of CP and we have taught them how to self-advocate.  They know when and when-not to ask for help.

My husband has a genetic heart disorder called hypertrophic cardio myopathy (HCM).  This is a condition we are learning more and more about as the days go on.  For now we know that one side of his heart does not work as efficiently as the other and it causes his heart wall to be thickened.  Research on the internet is scary and inconsistent for this type of heart condition, so we try our best to rely on the advice from his cardiologist and stay away from the internet.  Since it is a genetic condition, all of our kids are tested regularly, but thankfully show no signs of it!

I love fitness.  I love to sweat and push myself to new limits.  There is not enough that I can say about this.  I am a group fitness instructor at a local gym and primarily teach spinning and yoga.  Each format brings a different discipline to my regime and I love it.

I love food. (see above, part of why I love fitness)  My kids, and husband and I like to cook together.  We often try new recipes and test them out in the kitchen. Sometimes they are AWESOME…sometimes, not so much!

** This year I am training for a half-marathon.  I figure if I say it enough, it’ll sink in. ** (I wrote this part a few years back, still hasn’t happened!)

I love wine and coffee…not necessarily together.

I love to read.  Anytime I get a chance, I read.

…and just when you think you really know me, here’s the best part…

I fully live in this philosophy: Perfection is over rated. Strive for progress, not perfection.
So, if you expect me to be perfect, I invite you to move along. I am not perfect, I will make mistakes, and I will own my mistakes. I will learn from my mistakes. Most importantly, I teach my kids to learn from their mistakes. If we were all perfect, it’d be a pretty boring black and white world. Let’s go strive to paint the world full of color!

What’s next?

Honestly, that’s up to you.

Want to hang out and chill for a bit?  Fine by me!

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